Top Free VPNs for Android

Top Free VPNs for Android

Top Free VPNs for Android

Today, we talk about some of the top free VPNs for android. A VPN is a network of computers interconnected that creates a private network over public network such as Internet. VPN protects the network to let you browse with privacy and without any restrictions. VPN uses Tunneling protocols, tunneling enables the encapsulation of a packet from one type of protocol within the datagram of a different protocol. For example, VPN uses PPTP to encapsulate IP packets over a public network, such as the Internet. In corporate world, VPN is used by companies to connect remote data centers and clients. The main reason why you should use VPN is because it protects your data by encrypting the sending and receiving data.

Benefits of Using VPN

  • Unblock blocked websites
  • Enjoy anonymous web browsing
  • Get complete Wi-Fi security
  • Protect your bank info, passwords & downloads from snoopers

1. Hotspot shield

Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy is the most reliable of VPN with over 350 million downloads around the world. After downloading the Hotspot shield, you can access media and messaging apps, social networks while maintaining a dedicated mobile activities, media secure and private. Get Hotspot Shield from Playstore.

Top Free VPNs for Android

Benefits of Hotspot Shield

  • Unblock Websites
  • Anonymous surfing
  • Hide your IP address
  • Private & secure browsing
  • WiFi Security
  • Malware Protection

2.Speed VPN

Speed VPN allows users to connect with just click and provides multiple geographical locations to connect, reliable server and premium traffic makes speeds up your network, protecting your privacy and preventing tracking. Get Speen VPN from Playstore.

Top Free VPNs for Android

Benefits of Speed VPN

  • Unblock geographically restricted websites
  • Multiple locations to connect
  • Provides reliable server to speed up your network speed

3. OpenVPN Connect

OpenVPN connect is based on OSS (open source software) and uses OpenVPN Access Server which is a huge plus. Supports import of .ovpn profiles directly from SD card, OpenVPN Access Server, private tunneling or via browser link. Uses PolarSSL means it will not be affected by heartbleed issues. Get OpenVPN Connect from Playstore.

Top Free VPNs for Android
Benefits of OpenVPN Connect

  • Based on OSS software
  • Easily import .ovpn profiles from SD card, OpenVPN Access Server, Private Tunnel or via a browser link.
  • Improved power management.
  • Support for multi-factor authentication
  • Uses PolarSSL (not affected by Heartbleed issue)

4. Betternet

Betternet detects your location automatically and connects you to the nearest server. As a result, your connection will be much faster than any other VPN providers or proxy providers. Your IP and location will be changed and nobody can track your activities on the Internet. Betternet VPN service is a privacy guard. Get Betternet from Playstore.

Top Free VPNs for Android

Benefits of Betternet

  • Unlock any website
  • Protect your security and privacy
  • Stream channels everywhere
  • Completely free, and always will be

5. CyberGhost

Protects you against data espionage by website owners, advertisers, and other data snoopers. you can hide your IP address and benefit from a top military encryption. We use the 256-bit AES encryption, the strongest encryption there is. Change your IP every time you connect, so that nobody can detect you. Our proxy will also be useful to access geo-restriction or censored online content, such as videos and music. Being used by more than 3.5 million users. Get Cyberghost from Playstore.

Top Free VPNs for Android
Benefits of Cyberghost

  • Full Internet Anonymity
  • Top notch Internet Privacy and Security
  • Access over 400 secure CyberGhost proxy servers all over the world.
  • Unrestricted Access to Blocked Content
  • Hide Your Real IP
  • Fully Encrypted Internet with 256-AES bit.