Google Is Tracking You And Your Voice As Well


Google is tracking you and your voice as well, whatever you do using Google all those search details are stored carefully. It can be useful for some, but can also be a nightmare for others.

You can use these details to remind yourself stuffs that you might have forgotten. But remember all those who have access to (are authorized to) view your Google account can also see all the details.

To check the tracking details about your location go to the following address :

You will find all your location history but good thing is you can delete them. To do so, go to the link above, open the history you want to delete and press the bin icon at the right hand corner and you are done!!

And the another interesting thing is, Google has all your Google searches, voice searches, YouTube searches history as well. You can see yours by going to the following link :

Just open the link and sign in to your account and there you have it; all your searches are right there with accurate time and date. You can see the specific search details by going to Activity Controls and choose the search results you want to check, you will have following options :

Web & App Activity
Webapp Activity
Location History
Device Information
Voice & Audio Activity
YouTube Search History
YouTube Watch History
You can turn on the tracking by toggling the on/off button. You can also delete the single or all the search details from that page by pressing the delete icon. But if you choose not to delete but use those details for yourself as you may sometimes need those details then you have that option too, all you need to do is just turn on the specific Activity and you are good to go. All your searches will be saved in that specific category.
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