Essential Terminologies in Hacking

Essential Terminologies in Hacking Today’s world is Evil! It’s time for every individual to must have a basic knowledge of security and its consequences. You should also know that world is full of evil people spending each and every second on doing evil stuffs on the internet. So inorder to stay safe online you must have a basic idea of what is security and what actually is hacking and how to saty safe and secure from anykind of hacking attempts. So basically this article is must read for all those individuals who are new and have less knowledge about this side of world. Here are few essential terminologies you should understand clearly and know the actual meaning of them.

videocorso opzioni binarie Vulnerability

follow Straight forward answer it’s a weakness. Many people just think that they know the actual meaning of vulnerability but in real they don’t. If you have a weakness, then yes there is a chance of getting screwed, but not 100%. So vulnerability is a weakness which can be exploited, but you can’t be sure that it will get exploited and give you the overall access to the system. But if the system is not secure enough then of course it will get compromised. Threat Threat’s normally some factor that has potential to cause harm to a computer system. It can later get your computer or networks to be hacked.

watch Exploit Basically, it is an action that threat takes to take advantage of a vulnerability to cause unintended or unanticipated behaviour to occur on computer software, hardware, or something computerised.

source Payload In a simple way, payload is something that brings something to the system and performs a malicious action. It basically consists of evil things inside it which can be used to exploit other systems or networks. Risk

rencontre emploi handicap lyon 2015 Risk is a likelihood of threat. It can also be defined as the intentional interaction with uncertainty. Hack Value

Hack value is actually worth of hacking a system. For example, hacking facebook is more hack value then hacking dummy websites.

Zero-Day Attack

Zero-Day is a time period until no patch has been applied to an exploit. You can also say it’s some kind of new attack or exploit which has never been discovered before and still the patch has not been found.

Daisy Chaining

Daisy Chaining is something where computers are interconnected to each other in a series. We can also say it as attacking a system from one computer to another but being in some remote place.

Having good understanding of these terminologies can make you understand hacking better but USE THEM ONLY FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY. NEVER USE THEM FOR ANY KIND OF EVIL STUFFS

That’s all in this article. Stay tuned for more topics related to Ethical Hacking and how to DEFEND them!