Access Facebook Over Tor Network

Access Facebook Over Tor Network

This is an interesting news for everyone out there who are concerned about their privacy online. Now all android users can use Facebook over Tor network and protect yourself from ISPs ( Internet Service Providers ) tracking you use Facebook. Recently Facebook confirmed that their Facebook application now supports browsing directly from tor’s network in android devices. They also said that A sizeable community of people are already accessing the site over TOR. It’s an experimental support for using Facebook over TOR.

But right now as it’s not reached to each user over the world so they are bringing this feature to Android via the free Orbot Proxy App, which can be found in Playstore easily.

Almost 2 years ago Facebook had announced a Tor onion address at https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/ to make Facebook over Tor networks easily accessable to it’s users. Previously, it was possible if you were using Tor-enabled browser. So people started to request Facebook for additional platform support so that people can make use of the feature beyond browsers. And finally they have made it happen and now we can enjoy the experimental support of Facebook over Tor network. As it’s still in experimental support phase, their may be few bugs and issues in this feature.

How to use this feature:

  • First, download the application Orbot: Proxy with Tor App from Playstore.
  • Now headover to Facebook app settings menu and enable the feature Use Tor via Orbot.

Once you do that you can access your Facebook anonymously over Tor network and your Ip address will be masked while you use it. Because of the Tor network, people can access Facebook even from blocked countries like China.

As said by Facebook, this feature will be available after few days so don’t expect for it’s official release right now.

That’s all in this article. Stay tuned for more latest updates.